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Who plays The Rings of Power ‘Watchwarden’ (Revion) character? Actor information


- Reklam -

We can’t remember some characters not found them in Tolkien’s fictional Middle Earth while watching The Rings of Power, and Watchwarden (Revion) is one of them. So which actor plays ‘Watchwarden’ who keeps on doing advice to Arondir in the first episode?

The Rings of Power’s first season continue to air on Amazon. And we may need some extra information about Tolkien’s Middle-earth. We may be strangers to some characters.

- Reklam -

We saw him first going up the stairs to talk to Arondir. He started to give advice to Arondir after enjoying a great landscape. Then he turned to left and started speak face-to-face. And you get a question in your mind? Who is that man?

Who plays “Watchwarder”?

Honors, title. Your life will begin anew. But mark this, Arondir, that for 79 years, you’ve kept watch over the men and women of Tirharad not because of what their ancestors once did. But because of who they still are.

Watchwarden to Arondir

Revion’s character was created for The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power, and as such is non-canonical. He is portrayed by 57 years old English actor Simon Merrells.

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