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Who is the current manager of Galatasaray?

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After gaining the worst league ranking in its history with the end of 2021-22 season, Galatasaray made some significant changes in the technical department. So who is the current manager of Galatasaray?

Who trains Galatasaray football team?

On June 23, 2022, Galatasaray announced that Okan Buruk is the new manager of the club, replacing Spanish manager Domenec Torrent.

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Who is Okan Buruk?

Born in İstanbul on October 19, 1973, Okan Buruk is a former professional footballer who played for Galatasaray for more than ten years. He retired in 2010 and started his coaching career. He won the Turkish Cup with Akhisar Belediyespor (2018), and the Turkish Super League with İstanbul Başakşehir. (2020)

Galatasaray have not won any title since the 2018-19 season and this led Fatih Terim to be sacked from the club. Replacing Terim’s position, Domenec Torrent has taken bad results till the end of the season. Galatasaray’s Dursun Özbek, who is newly taken over the chairman seat, terminated the contract of the Spanish coach and reached an agreement with Turkish manager and ex-Galatasaray player Okan Buruk.

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