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Who is Andrea Fuentes? The woman who saves the life of U.S. artistic swimmer Anita Alvarez

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Andrea Fuentes, who save U.S. artistic swimmer Anita Alvarez’s life flipped out the internet. He is being searched on Google thousands of times for her reaction. Here is a guide on her.

Who is Andrea Fuentes?

Andrea Fuentes (born in Valls, Tarragona on 7 April 1983) is a Spanish retired synchronized swimmer and Team USA coach. During her career, she won four Olympic, 16 World Championship and 11 European Championship medals. She is known as the most decorated swimmer in the history of the Spanish national team. She retired at the age of 29, just before 2013 World Aquatics Championships.

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Fuentes is currently the USA senior national team head coach, working alongside Reem Abdalazem. The two have a pre-established work relationship, having worked together in synchro for four years.

Saving Anita Alvarez

U.S. artistic swimmer Anita Alvarez was finishing her routine in the solo free final at the World Aquatics Championships on Wednesday when the two-time Olympian suddenly sank to the bottom of the pool, unconscious.

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Ürünlere göz atın

Team USA coach Andrea Fuentes immediately took action, diving into the water. Fuentes — who won Olympic and world medals for her native Spain — sprinted to reach Alvarez, hugged her from behind, and kicked her off of the pool floor, sending them toward the surface. That moment captured by photographer Oli Scarff.

“I saw that the lifeguards were not jumping into the water because they were paralyzed. I was shouting at them from the other side to get into the water, now! I saw them looking dumbfounded, so I jumped into the water and straight towards her,” Fuentes said in an interview with a Spanish radio station.

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