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80th anniversary of Muhammad Ali’s birthday: Here’s the story of ‘The Greatest’

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- Reklam -

No one is more recognizable than Muhammad Ali when it comes to boxing. Nicknamed The Greatest, not for nothing! Here’s our article in commemoration of the 80th birthday of Muhammad Ali.

A legendary sportsman and a fighter both inside and outside the boxing ring, Muhammad Ali was never one to mince words. If anything, he unapologetically spoke his mind and was fully aware of his greatness. Had he been alive, the boxing legend would have turned 80 on January 17, 2022.

- Reklam -

Who is ‘The Greatest’

Muhammad Ali, (born as Cassius Marcellus Clay Jr.; January 17, 1942 – died June 3, 2016) was an American professional boxer, activist, entertainer, poet and philanthropist. Nicknamed The Greatest, he is widely regarded as one of the most significant and celebrated sports figures of the 20th century, and is frequently ranked as the greatest heavyweight boxer of all time. In 1999, he was named Sportsman of the Century by Sports Illustrated and the Sports Personality of the Century by the BBC.

Sylvester Stallone and Muhammad Ali present Beatrice Straight with the Supporting Actress Oscar for Network at the 49th Academy Awards.
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Muhammad Ali fought 61 times in his life and won 56 of them. He defeated boxers including Tony Esperti, Jim Robinson, Donnie Fleeman, Alonzo Johnson, George Logan, Willi Besmanoff, LaMar Clark, Doug Jones and Henry Cooper. Clay also beat his former trainer and veteran boxer Archie Moore in a 1962 match.

Losses of Muhammad Ali

Throughout his whole professional career, there were only five fights where Muhammad Ali failed to beat his opponent.

March 8, 1971 – against Joe Frazier
March 31, 1973 – against Ken Norton
February 15, 1978 – against Leon Spinks
October 2, 1980 – against Larry Holmes
December 11, 1981 – against Trevor Berbick

Personal Life

Ali was married four times and had seven daughters and two sons.

  • With Belinda Boyd
    • Maryum (born 1968)
    • Jamillah (born 1970)
    • Rasheda (born 1970)
    • Muhammad Jr. (born 1972)
  • With Patricia Harvell
    • Miya (born 1972)
  • With Wanda Bolton
    • Khaliah (born 1974)
  • With Veronica Porché
    • Hana (born 1976)
    • Laila (born 1977)
  • With Yolanda Williams
    • Asaad (adopted 1986)
- Reklam -

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